Welcome to your Dash 2020 workshop! Please visit the lab environment and log in with the email you used to register for the workshop. Check your email for the subject "Welcome to Datadog Labs" and click the link in the email. Once logged in, enter the code for the workshop. You'll want to ensure all ad blockers and other similar browser addons are disabled.

Once you start the scenario you will receive a Datadog Organization invite via email. After you accept you will use this Org for the workshop. Please ensure you switch to this org using the "Switch Organization" link in Datadog. Note all accounts are created in the app.datadoghq.com site (meaning if you use app.datadoghq.eu you will not see the new Org).


Blocked Cookies

Please see this dedicated page.

Common Issues

Websockets are required for the workshop. If websockets are blocked for you, please contact a TA.

If you are in multiple workshops, you will reuse the Datadog account from the first workshop.

If you are having trouble logging in to labs.datadoghq.com and know your network often blocks certain types of traffic, please contact a TA. You may want to try disabling your VPN.

If you use SAML/SSO, you should log out or use an incognito window and log in with the username and password for the workshop Datadog org.

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